Wind of Change

Wind of Change is a short documentary that shows how Fintry in rural Stirlingshire, Scotland, has embraced renewable energy for a more sustainable future for their village. The film, which was produced by Edinburgh-based documentary filmmaker Cornelia Reetz, premiered at the UK Green Film Festival in Leeds and Glasgow in May 2011.

What’s the film about?

In the age of peak oil, fuel poverty has become a serious issue throughout Scotland, where 30% of the population is not on mains gas and rely on expensive and carbon intensive heating systems. The village of Fintry is fighting back. After long negotiations, they became the first village in the UK to enter a joint-venture agreement with a wind farm developer that secured a wind turbine for the community. From the income stream the turbine generates, Fintry has given free insulation to more than half of all households in the village and is now embarking on new ambitious projects to eventually make the village carbon-neutral. The film portrays the village of Fintry as it carries out a number of new projects such as installation of micro-renewable heating systems, planting a community orchard and opening a woodland learning area for the local primary school.

Would you like to screen the film?

Wind of Change is also available on DVD. Get in touch with us if you would like to host a screening in your community, school or university. If you would like to keep in touch, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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